Click To Call

Click To Call

Deploy callback widget on your website and accelerate your lead conversion right away


Capture Every Potential Lead with Click to Call Widget

Providing a quick call back option on your website/portals eases the calling process for potential customers looking to contact. After landing on your website, visitors can straightaway submit their contact number and request a callback to get in touch with you.

Deploying this click to call widget on your website gives your potential customers a prompt method to connect with you. Eliminating the on-hold time and reducing the hassle to connect with business, this solution provides a quick and cost-free way to connect with your business.

Click to call service also ensures that you miss out no potential customers. Ensuring every callback request is attended boosts the probability of lead conversion. And with a reduction in customer efforts, customer satisfaction doubles.

Detailed reporting and in-depth call analytics with the help of call recordings multiplies the potential of quality lead-conversion. Analysing the lead to customer journey with CRM integration further enhances the whole efficiency of the process.

Use Zoho suite, google sheet integration and more to innovate and customise your click to call solution. Third-part integration expands total utilization of your service.


Eliminating the need to manually dial the phone number saves business and customer’s time. Ease of contact provided by the click to call service doubles the efficiency of the whole communication process. And its easy-to-integrate feature makes click to call a promising option for every business.

Instant Callback Solution to Step Up Your Customer Experience


Schedule Callbacks

Do not keep customers waiting in long call queues. Instead, provide your customers with the flexibility to connect at their preferred time directly.

Multidevice Compatibility

Without installing any additional plugin, customers can easily use the callback button on multiple devices.

Call Recording

Keep a tab on every customer conversation with automatic call recording. Use these recordings to provide effective coaching to your agents.

CRM Integration

Get an overview of the customer’s journey by integrating your service with CRM. Utilise this information to make a quick and informed business decision.

Callback API

Embed callback APIs in your agent portal or app. And without manual dialling get quickly connected with the desired customer.

Caller ID Choices

Tweak your outbound caller ID by selecting from the list of available options. Seamlessly toggle between multiple caller IDs when needed.

Best-in-Market Pricing

Get high-quality cloud telephony suite with minimal effort and cost investment

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

NMP offers 99.99% SLA-backed uptime with N+1 redundant infrastructure

End-to-End Customer Service

From research to post-purchase assistance, we ensure hassle-free customer service at every step.

Enhanced Customer Support

Get enhanced live assistance from our product experts over email, chat and call.

API Integrations

Innovate your business solutions with CRM and other third-party application integration.

Cloud Telephony Suite

Get access to fully functional cloud telephony suite along with free SMS & call credits.

Why choose NM Paribas

Spend Less and Deliver More


Capture Website Visitors

Convert web-based traffic into potential leads by providing a prompt method to inquire about the services.

Reduce Call Waiting Time

Get rid of long call queues and deliver a high-quality customer experience by asking customers to request/schedule a callback at their convenience.

Call Without Dialing

Eliminate the task of remembering and manually dialling numbers. With a single click on the browser, you can place the call on the desired number.

Better Customer Experience

Providing a fast and optimised way of communication largely reduces the customer’s effort to initiate conversation with the business.

Easy Implementation

No complex configuration or deployment required. Simple and easy to integrate calling widget can be instantly added on your website or portal.

Track Conversation

Determine customer behavior pattern and expectations by listening to call recording and analyzing call trends.



What is Click to Call?

In the simplest of terms, a visitor clicks on a button found on your website that lets them enter their contact number. Then, they receive a callback from your company’s customer support team. The beauty lies in how this entire process takes, at most, a minute.

Does it k also click to connect instantly solution?

No, you cannot place a phone call using this service. It’s an instant callback feature only. No outbound calls.

HOw do i setupr this for my business?
We’re glad you asked. However, since we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, it is best to get in touch with our team or contact us via our contact us form.
How much time to setup this service?
Just about one rotation of the minute hand around the clock. In simpler terms, an hour at most


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