The advantages of Dedicated Internet connection over Broadband for your Business

Enterprises are getting more and more computerised, all small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are rushing to secure and reliable Internet Leased Line connections to improve their IT efficiency and customer service. In the growing prevalence of cyberattacks broadband has failed to meet their needs of fast, secure, and reliable bandwidth connections for downloading and uploading enormous amounts of data.

NMP Broadband

Let’s get more details of Internet Leased Line and their advantages with respect to Broadband for cooperates.

Internet Leased Line

Companies that need to send and receive significant amounts of data quickly can take advantage of Internet Leased Line, which is dedicated connection set up between an ISP’s exchange and the end client.

On the other hand, broadband is not a dedicated connection between a single end user and the local exchange. As the connection is not dedicated due to which data transfer speed is affected by the number of people sharing the connection at any given time. Moreover, in broadband connection, download speeds are often far higher than upload speeds.

Thus, if you buy a plan of 100 Mbps, you can be certain to obtain equal and consistent download and upload speed while the same can’t be assured for broadband connection, as it is affected by the number of people sharing the connection at any given time.

Symmetric Network

A symmetric network supports equal download and upload speed. In businesses downloading and uploading both plays equal and important role, when we need to exchange huge data or video conferencing etc.

Leased lines have identical speeds in both directions, however this is not the case with broadbands which sometimes causes a serious issue.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

SLA comprises reliability and guarantee, you can have with your service provider. Internet leased lines come with SLA, which mentions set of services a provider is expected to offer his clients, along with the compensations that a provider is abided by if he gets failed to deliver these services.

Such agreement ensures the reliability of connection for your organization. However, broadband hardly comes with such critical assurance agreement. Thus, in case of network failure an organization can’t claim or be assure with the timely fixation of issues.

Channel Sharing

The networking channel between user and provider is uncrowded and dedicated in case of leased line that makes it a super-fast mode of data transmission at all times of day.

Alternatively, in case of broadband there may be chances of lost data or missed data during peak hours of day because in broadband the channel is shared with other users, so data delivery time and accuracy depends on the level of contention present.


With a long time, delay, whenever a user clicks on something, they have to wait for it to happen. This is a slow or unwanted experience that can decrease user engagement. A short response time, or latency, indicates that actions are instantaneously occurring.

Leased lines facilitate quick connection, which means that all the information you need is instantly available, and you won’t have to wait long. Broadband offers a greater latency, which means that the time it takes for a site to load is longer for Broadband.

There are benefits and drawbacks of each type of internet connection. SMEs are always desired to go with a high-speed and secure internet connection; thus Internet leased lines solve their purpose to smoothen their workflow and web security. NM Paribas comes with multiple value-added plans specially designed according to Internet requirements of SMEs. You can choose the most affordable plan and connect with us to enjoy hassle-free Internet experience for your business.

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