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One of the best Google Managed Service in India. Managed Google Hosting Which Helps to Run Businesses to Full Potential.

Highly Secured

We Claim to be the India’s best Cloud Telephony service because we provide one the best service that improve your business efficiency and also we provide is highly secure services too.


NM Paribas is one of it kind Cloud Telephony service provider that provide unmatched price which fits in your budget. And also there is no zero hidden charges included.

Support & Quality

We provide automated solution with high success rate and voice quality. And in the term of support then we provide 24*7 technical support via. call, email, live chat, and ticketing.

NM Paribas is Leading Cloud Telephony Solution Provider for Businesses

Leverage your business with managed & scalable SaaS on Cloud solutions to maintain work over the cloud

  • We are Capable to Handle Thousand of Calls Together
  • We Offer Unlimited Scalability in Real-Timed
  • There is No Hidden Setup and Management Cost
  • We Provide a Straightforward or User-Friendly Portal
  • We Guaranteed 99.995 % Uptime with Our Services

Most Secure Tier IV Data Center with Enterprise Grade Services

We have Tier 4 Secure Data Center Infrastructure for your hosting needs which is the largest data center in India. Now, without wasting any time connect with our expert professionals to get quotes as per your hosting needs in the most affordable prices.

NVMEe SSDs in Use

Five Layer Security

Offering Trial Period

Experts Assistance

Largest Data Center in India for A Reason

We offer reliable, secure and affordable services in the industry. Providing enterprise-managed services, including Windows dedicated servers, Virtual Private Server, Backups, Compliance, Managed Security, Colocation Hosting, and Storage is the reason we’re the largest data center in India.

  • Gigabit Connectivity
  • SSD Storage Arrays
  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware
  • Latest Generation Processors
  • Branded & High-Quality Server Parts
  • 64 GB+ DDR4 ECC – Registered Memory


Advantages of Choosing the Largest Data Center in India

When you joined with NetForChoice, you will benefit from our established relationship along with massive and diverse connectivity, NM Paribas delivers world-class services to customers all over the globe.

Network Infrastructure

Our tier IV data center in India is NSIT compliant, specializing in Colocation & much more. We provide bandwidth as you may need to keep your operations up to speed with security.

Server Hardware

All of our servers are equipped with spectacular racks and are integrated with the most advanced & power-efficient Intel processors with NVMe SSDs available in the market.


Get Modern Integration with NMP’s Tier-4 Data Center in India

We at NM Paribas are committed to providing the best of both worlds to our clients. Signing up for an account with our tier 4 data centers ensures that you will be facilitated on a server near you integrated with at least these specifications.

  • Carrier Neutrality
  • N+N Redundancy
  • Get Lowest Latency
  • 99.995% Running Uptime
  • Eight & Nine Security Level
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

Get Professional Services with Largest Tier-4 Data Center

We are the largest data center in India that accommodates the mission-critical needs and facilitates a unique combination of size, physical security, certifications, huge customer bases, access to carriers, and a 99.995% Uptime track record.

Critical Resources

NMP Tier-4 data center is underpinned by a pool of resources, hardware, and technologies to facilitate the huge demands in a streamlined manner with comprehensive efficiency.

Technology + Experts

N+N data center redundancy guarantees 99.995% Uptime to never let your server down. Server hardware & software has taken care of by experts result resulting in reliable servers.

Common Questions for Tier 4 Data Center

Do we get Support from your data center?

Yes, we provide unmatched support to all of the customers we are serving to help them in any challenge they are facing which totally justifies our statement of largest data center in India with unmatched support.

What is a Tier 4 data center?

Tier represents the quality of service, infrastructure, security & ability to perform & handle faults. There are tiers 1 to 4 only & tier 4 means that the data center is completely tolerant to all faults. Moreover, it has redundancy for almost every component to provide 99.995% server Uptime.

Is it possible to Upgrade our plans in between a current subscription?

Yes, NM Paribas offers complete liberty to its client for upgrades whenever they want to scale up.

Do you guys guarantee 99.995% server uptime?

Being one of the best tier 4 data centers in India, we guarantee you 99.995% server uptime.


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