How is Internet becoming a key enabler for SMEs in India

You may remember, how your local stores have updated their business whether in terms of their payment transactions, or a few may have developed their own app; in one way or other most of the businesses have designed their digital roadmap to stay competitive in market.

The rise of smartphones, tablets and laptops have brought revolution in E-commerce. Today consumers are more comfortable in using secure cyberspace for purchasing, so a remarkable web presence has become the need of the hour for all businesses.


All ‘Small to Medium Enterprise’ (SMEs) are working on their digital strategies for smart resource management. SMEs are leveraging cloud-based business approaches for a sound workflow management and customer relationship. Such operations demand high speed Internet services that can ensure quality services to customers whenever, wherever, and on any device.

The world has become smaller because of internet-enabled apps that enable audio-visual communication. Virtual meetings result in effective utilization of time and resources.

Role of Internet in the success and productivity of an enterprise is not required to put in words. Moreover, the speed of internet is equally important for an enterprise because a poor or insufficient broadband line is the cause of irritation and is counterproductive.

NM Paribas understands the innovative and visionary cultures in SMEs. We enable SMEs to effectively communicate with clients and employees over cloud-based high speed web environment at work.

NM Paribas provides flexible SMEs Internet Plans with limitless downloads, high-speed internet delivery, and a dedicated, secure connection. Our main features that make NM Paribas right choice for SMEs include:

High Speed: Our Internet services provide excellent downloading and uploading speeds up to 300 Mbps. We have customized plans dedicated for specific needs of SMEs.

Symmetrical Network: We offer SMEs plan with equal downloading and uploading speeds which make web activities like video conferencing, huge file sharing etc. a cake walk for enterprises.

Consistent speed: We don’t let you frustrate due to a considerable Internet down time in peak hours. Our specialized SMEs plans provide reliable and consistent connectivity every time of the day.

Dedicated Customer support: We empower the best customer relationship services for SMEs, and we ourselves work on the same for you. We will always be a call away, to solve your real-time issues of Internet utilities.

SMEs can stretch their wings by relying on reliable and high-speed Internet. NM Paribas realises the Internet needs of all kinds of businesses whether large cooperates or small offices. We will be glad to expedite your business goals with our consistent and reliable services. You are only required to understand your enterprise requirements and we promise to cater your specific needs at affordable price.

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